Pro Shot Booking Terms and Conditions

  • A booking will be provisionally reserved in your name once dates have been agreed by telephone, or e‐mail between both parties.

  • To confirm and secure your reserved dates, 50% of the total fee, together with a signed copy of the booking terms and conditions should be submitted within 7 days.

  • Please do not book any hotel or travel arrangements before we notify you that we have received, therefore confirmed, your 50% deposit. Many estates observe a 'first come first served' basis and your agreed dates are only guaranteed once you have  received confirmation from ourselves.

  • When a booking is made less than 12 weeks prior to the commencement of the intended visit the total fee will be due within 7 days of the reservation being made.

  • Pro Shot reserves the right to cancel your shooting, at any time without notice. Cancellation will be for due cause and concern and a reason will be supplied for any cancellation.

  • Payments may be made by any of the following:


a. Transfer funds should direct to bank account, details will be supplied on your booking confirmation.
b. By UK pounds sterling cheque ‐payable to Pro Shot
c. By banker's draft in UK pounds sterling

Costs and Inclusions Game Shooting and Deer Stalking

1. Pro Shot charges a Shoot Booking Fee of 5% of the total cost of a shoot day for the finding, booking and organisation of all shoot day activities. This does not include the provision of ammunition, Gun hire, travel for Guns, accommodation or meals/snacks  or drinks (unless otherwise stated) on the day. The full Shoot Booking Fee fee will be payable at time of payment of initial deposit. Where an advertised shoot day states 'commission free' no commission is charged to you our clients and the price advertised is the whole price paid by you, our clients, to pro Shot Sporting for the goods/services as advertised.


2. Pro Shot charges a set booking and arrangement fee of £50.00 per Gun per day for each Deer Stalking booking. No other shoot booking fee is charged for Deer Stalking. 

3. Services and goods ordered in addition to the shoot day booking e.g. hotel costs, vehicle hire, will be charged separately and will be payable on invoice. Only when confirmation is given by Pro Shot for a paid booking for goods or services in addition to Shoot Bookings can they be considered finalised and confirmed.

4. Pro Shot is not VAT registered and therefore no VAT is applicable to charges for Pro Shot services, or Booking fees. Estates may be VAT registered and therefore VAT may be payable on your shoot day cost excl. Pro Shot fees and charges.

5. Booking confirmation will provide full details of full costs and what is included in the shoot booking.

6. When booking Game shooting the cost will include the provision of Beaters and  Professional Game keeping services.

7. When booking Deer Stalking the cost will include the provision of a Professional Deer Stalker.

8. Cost of transport to the shoot venue in not included in the price of your shoot booking.

9. Cost of Visitors Permits for shooting is not included in the price of your booking.

10. Ammunition is not included in the price of your shoot booking.

Costs and Inclusions - Clay Target Shooting

1. Clay Target Lessons are £55.00 per session (excluding Clays, Cartridges, Gun Hire and safety glasses)

2. Clay Target shooting introduction to Game Shooting is £70.00 per session (Excluding Clays, Cartridges, Gun Hire and safety glasses)

3. Pro Shot is not VAT registered and therefore no VAT is applicable to charges

Cancellation and Conditions

1.  In the event of a cancellation, if a booking can be re‐let by the estate concerned or by Pro Shot, refunds less an admin fee will be made. There is no guarantee or implication that re‐letting will or can take place.

2. It is the responsibility of all Guns to ensure their fitness and shooting abilities are suitable for the shooting booked. Pro Shot reserves the right to halt a Gun shooting if it is deemed their ability is below standard and may cause undue wounding to wildlife.

3. We reserve the right to book additional guns to join your team, up to a maximum of ten Guns on a Game shooting day, and a maximum of five guns on a Clay shooting booking.

4.  We recommend that all Clients/Guns insure against the cancellation of their Game Shoot/Deer Stalking either on their part or due to temporary or permanent suspension of shooting or due to a shooting ban for any reason by DEFRA, SNH or any other Government Agency or body or any other external Agency or body for any reason, at any time without notice.

5. Game Shooters must be knowledgeable of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation appropriate Code of Practice for shooting wildlife.

6. All Guns must have third party insurance and third party liabilities against sporting accidents Details will be requested before arrival on your shoot.

7. All instructions and decisions given by stalkers and keepers on any estate on which shooting is booked are final.  Failure to comply with such instructions or decisions may result in the cancellation of the rest of the booking for an individual or the whole team without notice. In the event of cancellation under the terms of this clause, there will be no right to a refund or compensation.

8.  All Guns will be required to hold appropriate licences and certificates for the legal use of sporting weapons and the taking and shooting of game. For overseas visitors, application forms can be provided on request. You should carry these on your person during your visit and produce them if requested to do so.

9. You accept it is your responsibility to arrive in good time for your shoot day or Clay Target activity. You agree and accept "Pro Shot" is not liable for any cost whatsoever resulting in the cancellation or interruption of your shooting activity due to your travel arrangements being interrupted for any reason.

10.  You accept refunds or compensation will not be given, in the event, either before or during your shooting activity, the shooting of game or deer is either temporarily or permanently suspended or banned for any reason by DEFRA, SNH or any other Government Agency or Body, or any other external Body or Agency for any reason, at any time with or without notice.


1. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the size of the bag as sold per shoot, we have to acknowledge within shooting of Game birds that the size of the bag will be determined by the skill of the team and the weather conditions, which may affect the bag. This is particularly relevant  to the shooting of wild Game Birds such as Grouse, Partridge, Woodcock, Goose or Duck. No guarantee is therefore made as to the number of birds that you may see due to the nature of wild bird shooting.

2. Both Pro Shot staff and staff on the estate on which your shoot is booked,  reserve the right to place a limit on the number of birds shot in any one day.

2. Whilst every effort is made to ensure bag size on shoot days, Pro Shot cannot be held liable for any refund due to under sized bag on a shoot day. Overages are deemed to be the responsibility of the Guns and should be paid by Guns to the estate on which they shoot. Pro Shot is not liable for payments due to overshooting of bag size.


Please ensure you apply for a visitors Shotgun or Firearms Permit as soon as possible for any guns you intend to bring into the country.

Please contact Strathclyde Police direct.

Strathclyde Police Firearms Licensing
173 Pitt Street
G2 4JS
Telephone: 01415‐322000.

Please ensure that you carry this permit with you along with adequate insurance cover for personal, accident, public and third party liability and any eventualities connected with hunting and shooting.


1. We do not allow the use of mobile phones during shooting as we consider this to be a Health & Safety  issue. Likewise we do not allow Smoking anywhere in Woodland areas  as it is a Fire Hazard.

2. All Guns should be suitably clothed for the shooting activity they plan to partake in and for the weather.  Guns should also ensure that their footwear is suitable and provides them with support for walking on difficult terrain.

3. It is the responsibility of Guns booking through Pro Shot to inform the company of any additional health issues that may place them at any risk should they access countryside areas or be walking on challenging terrain. 

4. It is the responsibility of Guns booking through Pro Shot to inform Pro Shot staff of any special dietary issues that may pose a risk to health and well being on the day.

Please Note:

1. Any shooting activity is potentially hazardous and it is important that all lawful directions and advice from Pro Shot staff and/or staff employed by the estate or Clay ground on which you shoot be followed.

2. We accept no responsibility for any illness or loss whatsoever incurred in the course of your shooting, stalking or fishing, or any expense arising from such illness or loss.

3. We take your safety very seriously and are appropriately indemnified